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Hi, I am Patricio.

(Also known as Pato)

Welcome to my website! I'm delighted you are here.


With a diverse career spanning multiple industries and roles, I have embraced the strength of being a generalist. My ability to adapt, learn quickly, and bring a holistic perspective to every challenge enables me to drive success across various domains. By owning this versatility, I can effectively bridge gaps, foster innovation, and provide unique solutions that specialists may overlook.


I bring deep expertise in three key business areas:

  • Strategy,

  • Revenue Generation, and

  • Operational Excellence.


I thrive on unraveling complex problems to drive tangible outcomes. I've succeeded in questioning norms and using evidence to uncover profound insights.


My motto is, "Everything is connected."


I welcome opportunities to learn, drive action, and make meaningful progress.

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Recent Projects

These are a few examples of professional and passion projects I am currently working on.

My Strengths

There are a myriad of ways to measure people's strengths. Over the years, I've found these to be a valuable description of my own.

(As assessed by the Clifton Strengths Finder)



As someone talented in connectedness, I see the links between all things and consider them from various perspectives. I rely on my awareness of people's feelings, thoughts, or needs to guide me into and through partnerships. I constantly consider ways to initiate, nurture, or sustain relationships between individuals or groups and focus on bringing people together.



Transforming the strong into the superb is my mantra, and I revel in the company of those who encourage excellence. I thrive on recognizing and maximizing strengths, whether they are my own or those of others. By emphasizing strengths, I keep sight of the bigger picture, trusting my abilities to guide me. My journey is embracing strengths to achieve excellence in all endeavors.



Positivity is my strength, and I have contagious enthusiasm. I am upbeat and can get people excited about what they will do and convey my spirit of excitement. My love of life makes the people around me feel more enthusiastic. I seek and thrive in environments where I can take the initiative to lead, design the project, roll out the program, and rally people to work on a worthy cause.



I delve more deeply into intriguing subjects than most people do and love to gather data. I have an insatiable curiosity, always going deeper to collect more information. My inventive mind generates endless possibilities, driving me to acquire knowledge and skills to tackle new challenges and conceive innovative solutions. I have a talent for interpreting and simplifying complex ideas.



I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire for continuous improvement. The learning process, rather than the outcome, excites me. I acquire knowledge and hone my skills through various avenues, including self-study, mentorship, and formal education. I seek feedback continuously. My pursuit of learning fuels my enthusiasm for life and commitment to growth.

Whom I've Worked With

Patricio brings a unique blend of discipline and creativity to his work. His intellectual rigor is matched only by his creative "spark". I highly recommend Patricio for anyone looking to solve a business problem and moreover, put it on the right course.

Roland Janisse

Procter & Gamble
The Coca-Cola Company
Saatchi & Saatchi
The NeuroLeadership Institute
Havas Media Group
The Bravo Group (Y&R)
Parsons New School Of Design
Quesos Navarro
The Red Bean Society
Universidad Panamericana
Pareto Health
BrainSells Global

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